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Sightings of a Grey Plover & a Red-eyed Vario at Spurn on the 12th of October take my total of

"Yorkshire Bird Sightings" for 2019 to 201.    Time to have a few shandies later to celebrate !!

October & November 2019 News

Nice sightings of a Short-Eared Owl nestling in the Hillside grass at RSPB St Aidan's + I collect my Kestrel Pic Prize from Nicole Walton the RSPB Comp Organiser.    Large Chocolate Muffin & a Coffee - very nice!

December 2019 News

Nice Buzzard sightings in the December sunshine at St Aidan's - one of my 215 different birds seen during the year!


2020 News

Year starts off well with sightings of Cranes & Bewick's Swan (pics below).  Plus, my 100th sighting on 13 Feb - a juvenile Iceland Gull (1st pic below) wins a "Notable Picture Award" from Bird Guides (a main UK birding magazine/website).

BUBO Bird Listings

Lockdown in force from March but nice to see the following from home or permitted daily exercise though.